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Let's introduce you to your instructors 


Kilo Kitty Buhrmaster

Certified & Experienced Fitness Instructor

Certified & Experienced Pole Instructor

Certified Aerial Hoop / Lyra Instructor

Founder / Owner / Master Instructor of Sanctuary of Pole

Kilo began her pole journey June 6, 2011 and has never looked back. She explored many fitness regimens such as Pilates, kickboxing, karate, bjj, boxing, yoga and more but none could keep her drive, her desire like pole. 

Kilo became pole certified (X-Pole X-Pert Level 1 & 2) in 2014 and has been an instructor ever since. She continued her education through various certification programs such as Boot Camp and Yoga through Expert Rating as well as her Sports Nutrition through Shaw Academy. She became a CRNP (Cleo's Rock N' Pole) certifications as a Floor Rockers, Exotic Burn and Spinning Pole (Beginner to Low Intermediate). Kilo is in the process of completing her ACE Group Fitness Instructor,  Action-CPT Personal Trainer certification as well as additional certifications.  

Kilo has been an avid performer and competitor since 2017, She has performed along the east coast, had the opportunities to teach workshops along the east coast. Kilo has competed in numerous competitions and placed. In 2022, she became a PSO (Pole Sport Organization) Unicorn and have the studio be listed as a competition studio. In 2023, Kilo became Lyra certified and (Sanctuary of Pole) studio member of US Aerial Federation. 

Interested in learning more about Kilo such as her experience, performances, competitions and more go to or follow her on social media as kilokittybuhrmaster on IG. 


X-Pert Fitness Pole Level 1 & 2

X-Pert Fitness Pole Level 3 & 4

X-Pert Fitness Aerial Silks

X-Pert Fitness Aerial Hoop

CRNP Floor Rockers

CRNP Spinning Pole (Beginner - Low Intermediate)

CRNP Exotic Burn

AMC CPR, AED & First Aid 

Competitions (Placement)

-PSO Southern

Level 4 Dramatic 3rd Place 2017

-PSO Triangle

Level 4 Entertainment 2nd Place 2018

-PSO Southern

Level 5 Dramatic/Artistic 3rd Place 2019

-PSO Southern

Level 5 Exotic 1st Place 2019

-PCS Georgia Pole Fitness Classic

Novice 3rd Place 2019

-PSO Virgo

Level 4/5 Low Flow & Floor 3rd Place 2020

​-Pole Dance America

3rd Place 2020

-USPSF Nationals Classique Amateur Senior Woman

2nd Place 2020

-USPSF Semi Nationals Classique Elite Senior Woman

2nd Place 2021




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